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Frequently Asked Questions about An Hour for Civics

What role does a law firm play in the Indiana Bar Foundation’s An Hour for Civics campaign?

The success of the campaign is entirely dependent upon support of individuals at law firms.  The entire focus of the campaign is to secure law firm commitments and encourage participation by their individual attorneys.

How will law firms get involved?

Members of the Foundation's Board have been asked to contact as many firms within their district, particularly firms with 10 or more lawyers.  The goal is to find an “advocate” in each firm to have the campaign endorsed and supported by the managing partner or management committee.  Any firm, regardless of size, is welcome to participate.

Firms become "Visionaries" when they agree to a $2,000 per year annual gift for five consecutive years and agree to solicit attorneys in the firm for private gifts. A signed agreement is requested.

Firms with fewer than 10 attorneys may agree to a $500 per year donation plus solicit colleagues for private gifts to recieve "Visionary" recognition.

Will all money raised go directly to support the Indiana Bar Foundation’s civic education programs?

Yes, all money raised through our An Hour for Civics campaign will be used  to facilitate trainings for teachers, district competitions, the annual state finals competition, and content support from the legal community for teachers.

Will how much I give be public?

No. Your gift is confidential. We publish the names of donors but not the amounts. In our annual report, a donor's name is listed in a gift range with that of other donors.

Is the Indiana Bar Foundation different from the Indiana State Bar Association?

Yes, the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning that it serves a "public good" purpose through its mission-related, charitiable activities. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. The Indiana State Bar Association is a 501(c)(6) organization and is the professional trade association of attorneys in Indiana. The ISBA advocates on behalf of the Indiana legal profession and provides services to its members. 

Is my contribution limited to my billable hour rate?

No, you can give any amount you feel is appropriate.  If you would like to discuss an endowed or planned gift to the Indiana Bar Foundation, you may contact Theresa Browning, Director of Development and Communications at 317-269-7864 to discuss those opportunities further.

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