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Ever year I help coach the Hamilton Southeastern High School We the People team, not only am I impressed with the next generation of young people, but I usually have at least two sets of parents come to me privately to tell me what a transforming exerperience it has been for thier children. Before We the People, the young people were typical high school students, but as they learned the We the People concepts and speaking skills, they became engaged with what matters in our world and showed the ability to think for themselves about the big ideas and to engage anyone in respectful discussion about those ideas. The only way to improve this program is to make it available to more students and schools.

Hon. Paul D. Mathias, Court of Appeals of Indiana 

"Let We the People be an indication of what education could be in Indiana. Civic education could change the lives of countless young Hoosiers, as it has mine."

Matt Skiba, We the People student, Munster High School, 2010 National Finals Team

At my school, We the People competition has become the "culminating moment" when our students demonstrate the value of a St. Richard's education. The program brings together most of the skills we want them to have before we send them off to 9th grade: researching and writing, public speaking, poise under fire, critical thinking, learning to disagree agreeably, and being quick on their feet. If we could design a curriculum that was age appropriate and engaging from the textbook to the hearing fromat to the professional development support provided teachers. Our parents who attend the hearings leave with mouths ajar over what their children have learned, can explain, and can apply to their own lives and current events.

Andrea Neal, We the People teacher, St. Richard's School, Indianapolis

“Through the educational experiences of the We the People program, our students of today not only become involved, informed citizens of tomorrow, but develop life skills like teamwork, poise, public speaking, work ethic and responsibility.  We the People is an important component of today’s educational curriculum and must continue into the future.”

 Amy P. Walker, Executive Director, Public Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc.



Students' responses to the We the People program:

The most important thing I learned about the Constitution...

...all of the rights and freedoms that I have as a citizen. I also didn't know that our Constitution is so important. (Margaret)

...the freedoms we have as citizens. (Brad)

...there is a governement for one purpose--to protect our rights. (Andrew)

...there are limitations to the freedom of speech. (Evan) can be changed if needed. There are different articles and sections, and it is not just one big "speech or essay" (Megan).

The most important thing I learned about myself...

...I always have the right to disagree and that I have good thinking and speaking abilities. (Patrick)

...if I really set my mind to something I can achieve it and that a lot of hard work really pays off. (Megan)

...I have the ability to work seriously (Kyle)

...I worked better with people than I thought I would (Cortney)


Alex Orlowski

As student at the University of Dayton, studying political science and sociology, Alex Orlowski has built an impressive résumé and attributes his passion for political science and civics to his We the People experience. He has interned with the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning (CIRCLE) at the University of Maryland-College Park where he was published twice co-authoring “Millennials Talk Politics: A Study of College Student Political Engagement”, and authoring “Television Consumption and Civic Engagement Among 15 to 25 Year Olds”.

“During my junior year of high school, I was fully convinced that I would declare pre-med in college and then go off to medical school,” Orlowski stated. “However, the We the People program changed the course of my life forever. After studying We the People, I had to call up the University of Dayton and change my intended major to political science.”

Orlowski has also shared his point of view on the Gayle King Show on XM Radio’s Oprah & Friends channel and with the Polish newspaper, Dziennik, giving his opinion about the presidential primaries.

When asked what role We the People played in these achievements, Orlowski stated, “Without hesitation, I am confident that the We the People program is the fundamental reason behind my past accomplishments and future successes. The program not only instills a vast knowledge of civics and the political system, but also inspires students to live out the rest of their lives as efficacious citizens, no matter what field they pursue. Studies have shown that We the People is one of the best civics programs in the country, and I hope to live my life as an example of what We the People can do for young Americans.”

Orlowski Alex Orlowski
Hamilton Southeastern High School
Class of 2004

Katherine Ntiamoah

A graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington, We the People alumna Katherine Ntiamoah earned a B.A. in International Studies with minors in Political Science and African Languages. “We the People has given me the roots and drive to stay involved in civics,” Ntiamoah says. “This program has given me the foundation to appreciate how the United States functions on a local and federal level and I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of the program.”

Ntiamoah has also studied at the University of Ghana while working at the American Embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo where she assisted in public diplomacy. She served as a Deputy Field Organizer in President Obama’s first campaign. Katerine has a graduate degree from the University of Denver's Josef Korbel School for International Studies. she is currently a foreign service officer (American diplomat) for the U.S.Department of State.


Katherine Ntiamoah
Munster High School
Class of 2004
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